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About Clubs United
Clubs United is a race format across club borders. The purpose of CU is to create an alternative to public NPC racing, for those who like to to sail under the full RRS togheter with like minded sailors. The races will be identified with a race name tag (CU), which makes it easy for everyone to see what races are hosted according to their preferences. Some races will be hosted without a password. Anyone can join these races, but are encouraged to follow the race rules (ref the section below). Some races will be hosted with a password. Only members of the united clubs should join these races.

Race rules
1. Do only request a penalty cancellation if you are sure that the penalty you got was wrong. If in doubt, be fair and take your penalty turn.
2. Approve all requests for penalty cancellations unless you are absolutely sure that a penalty was right. Do never ignore the request. Answer yes/no (approve/refuse).
3. If you know you have broken a rule, then you should take a penalty (even if nobody is protesting on you, and even if VSK does not give a penalty to you).
Stating facts from the VSK Umpire:
If the VSK umpire gives a penalty for rule 11, 12, 15, 16, or 18, it shall be considered there has been contact between the two boats.
If there was contact between two boats, then at least one boat has broken a rule.
Bottom note:
You are not winning anything by winning the race if you're not winning others appreciation.

Password for Clubs United races
The password to be used at all password protected races hosted under the CU tag is 12cu. Please do not communicate this password in the VSK race chat. Instead refer the interested spectators to one of the Clubs United websites.

Info for hosts
Members of united clubs may choose to host under the CU tag, either with a password or without. It's recommended to host with password only at prime time, when it is expected to fill up the server quickly. In any case, the race should be hosted under the same CU rules, listed above. PS! CU races should never be hosted as NPC races!
The race title should include either the full name 'Clubs United' or the tag 'CU'. Examples:
CU @ Club Name (your club that is part of CU)
Clubs United: Your club (or your name)

Recommendations on course design
- The race course should generally consist of legs directly upwind or downwind.
- Windward marks should generally be single marks, not gates.
- Leeward gate marks should generally not be further apart than 6 boat lenghts.
- First leg should be upwind, and last long enough to make the fleet spread before the first mark. Typically at least 10 minutes, depending on the characteristics of the course.
- Land masses should be used with care, and not play a dominating part of the race.
- 5 minutes long prestarts, to allow participants to examine the course and position before start.
- Sufficient length of start line, according to number of boats racing. Typically 5-6 squares for a 25 fleet size.
- Intro text, showing the hard coded wind shifts on the course.

Default (with grey shade):

DDS-file for banner on course intros:
Large banner file to use as base if you need to resize the banner:
Do not change the aspect ratio. If problems creating a smooth looking banner, ask for help.

Pure (without shade, not to be used on black or white background):

Large banner file to use as base if you need to resize the banner:



Combined VSK Nordic and CU avatar: